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waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant is mainly used to obtain plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black. The operation process of waste plastic pyrolysis plant is mainly to pyrolysis plastic into oil gas and carbon black, and then the oil gas is condensed into pyrolysis oil.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant for pyrolysis oil

The complete set of waste plastic pyrolysis plant mainly includes auto feeder, pyrolysis reactor, condenser system, odor removal device, vacuum device, carbon black screw conveyor, dedusting device. Here are the introduction of waste plastic pyrolysis plant and their functions:

1. Auto feeder

Auto feeder is the auxiliary equipment of feeding, to save labor and time, improve efficiency. It can also guarantee the safety of workers to some extent.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantDOING auto feeders equipped in waste plastic pyrolysis plant

2. Pyrolysis reactor

The pyrolysis reactor is mainly used to heat plastic and crack it into oil gas and carbon black. The two ends of the reactor adopt a piece of arc-shaped head, which can realize seamless welding and has certain resistance to pressure.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantPlastic pyrolysis reactor

3. Condenser system

The condenser system is used for cooling the oil gas into pyrolysis oil, which adopts the three-stage tubular condensing system and is cooled by circulating water. It can ensure the oil yield while ensuring the quality of oil. The two ends of the condensers are provided with detachable flanges for easy cleaning and maintenance.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantCondenser system

4. Odor removal device

The odor removal device is used to purify some oil gas that cannot be cooled. These oil gas are called non-condensable gas. After purification, the harmful gases can be removed, so it can be used to burn and heat the reactor, which not only save fuel, but also avoid the odor.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantOdor removal device for waste plastic pyrolysis plant

5. Vacuum device

The vacuum device is one of the safety devices. After finishing pyrolysis processing, the residual oil gas in the reactor is drawn out, and then it goes through the condensing system and odor removal device again, which can not only increase the oil output, but also ensure the safety and odorless when opening the furnace door. [ Related reading: the steps of producing fuel from plastic waste ]

plastic pyrolysis plant Vacuum device for safe operation

6. Carbon black screw conveyor

The carbon black screw conveyor is used to discharge the carbon black with a enclosed space, which can avoid carbon black flying around when delivery carbon black, to make the factory black.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantAir suction system for discharging carbon black

7. Dedusting device

Dedusting device is used for treatment the smoke from fuel combustion. It can remove the dust and particles in the smoke, to control emissions and meet national environmental standards.

plastic pyrolysis plantDedusting device for smoke removal

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