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Waste plastic to diesel machine

DOING waste plastic to diesel machine is one set of Integrated Machine to recycle waste plastic and get diesel, gasoline and heavy oil separately in the same time, so also called waste plastic to diesel and gasoline integrated machine.

Here is the picture of our waste plastic to diesel machine:

plastic to diesel machineDOING waste plastic to diesel machine in production

Working Process of this waste plastic to diesel machine:


It needs the waste plastic shredded or crushed into small pieces less than 3-5cm for automatic and continuous feeding;

2) Preheating to remove Dioxin

As we all know that Dioxin is very easy to be produced from many kinds of waste burning process, especially chlorine substance, like PVC plastics, paper-mill waste, etc. And the emission of Dioxin will cause serious problems to the environment and human body, thus it need to be seriously disposed and removed before released to the air.

3) Pyrolysis

After remove the Dioxin, the input materials will go to the pyrolysis reactor for further heating and cracked to oil gas.

4) Catalysis

The catalysis process is mainly adopted to purify oil gas and get the maximum light oil.

5) Fractionation

Fractionation process is mainly for getting different end product (fuel oil, diesel and gasoline) in different temperature.

6) Extra gas recycling and collection

The main component of tail gas is methane, which is a non-condensable gas and also a good fuel. We will recycle the exhaust gas to the hearth of the heated reactor to assist the heating as fuel.

7) Carbon black slagging

Carbon black will be collected in carbon black tanks through an automatic slag removal system without causing dust in the workshop.

Totally to say, there are six advantages of this Waste Plastic to Diesel Machine:

A. High efficiency: It can convert waste to diesel, gasoline and heavy oil in the same time and separately;

B. Easy control: With smart PLC control system;

C. Continuous working line: Fully automatic continuous feeding and slagging system, which can keep feeding, heating, discharging and getting oil output every second without stop;

D. No pollutant emissions: With advanced dedusting and odor removal system remove Dioxin;

E. Better meet clients’ different request: With catalysis system which could adjust the quantity of diesel and gasoline according to customer's demand;

F. Energy saying: With extra gas collection system.

If you are going to recycle your waste plastic to diesel, welcome contact with us to check the raw material and recommend you best solution regarding this waste plastic to diesel machine.

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