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What is plastic pyrolysis oil uses?

Plastic pyrolysis oil is mainly used in heavy industries for heating purpose as fuel, usually used in industry or machine which doesn’t require high stand oil like steel factory, cement factory, brick factory and glass factory etc. Especially steel factory and cement factory. We got to know from customers’ feedback that one normal factory can consume 20-30T oil in one day. Most of our customers sold their oil to steel factories. In some places like Egypt, they have many cement factories. So the oil is usually used in cement factory.

plastic pyrolysis oil usedPlastic pyrolysis oil uses

By direct combustion in a boiler or furnace plastic pyrolysis oil can be used to produce heat. This is the most simple and straight forward application combustion of pyrolysis oil in heavy industry. This use offers some companies the possibility to partly from natural gas, or heating oil to a renewable alternative fuel. Plastic pyrolysis oil is completive with the price of heating oil, more and more countries are using pyrolysis oil to replace natural gas. Plastic pyrolysis oil has the potential to be available in large amounts and competitively priced. Once the plastic pyrolysis oil refined it can be used many different ways. Such as truck, tractor, ship, diesel power generation and so on. Please contact us for more details.

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