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Which plastic is best for pyrolysis?

The waste plastic pyrolysis project is favored by many investors due to its considerable profits and mature and broad market. The waste plastic pyrolysis plant can realize the environmentally friendly recycling of waste plastics, and convert waste plastics into fuel oil and carbon black. So which plastic is the most suitable for pyrolysis into oil and helps us benefit more?

Here, I have listed many types of waste plastics that can be used as raw materials for pyrolysis plants and their oil yields for your reference and selection.

oil yieldDifferent plastic has different oil yield

General Plastic (Note: PET polyester is not suitable for pyrolysis to oil)

1)PVC (Polyvinylchloride): such as part of thin film, cable wire sheath, tube sheet, shoe sole, toy, door and window, stationery, etc. PVC plastics could be used for pyrolysis to oil, but PVC is acidic, which needs to make the anticorrosive or stainless steel coating for the pyrolysis reactor.

2)PE (Polyethylene): such as part of thin film, bottles, electrical insulation material, hand bags, water pipes, oil drum, drink bottles, staple goods, etc. If the PE plastics are pure, clean and dry, the oil yield could reach 95%.

3)PP (Polypropylene): such as part of thin film, rope, tableware, pot, tub, furniture, woven bag, bottle cap, bumper, et. If the PP plastics are pure, clean and dry, the oil yield could reach 90%.

4)PS (Polystyrene): such as electric appliance, stationery, cups, food containers, appliance shells, electrical accessories, foam products, toys, etc. If the PS plastics are pure, clean and dry, the oil yield could reach 90%.

5)ABS (Engineering Plastics): the oil yield is around 40%

6)Pure white plastic sheets: the oil yield is around 70%

7)Instant noodles packing bags: the oil yield is around 40%

8) Plastic logo: the oil yield is around 20%

9)Paper-mill waste: the oil yield of high water content paper-mill waste is about 15-20%, dry paper-mill waste is about 60%.

10)Plastic household garbage: the oil yield is around 30-50%, unclassified household garbage is about 20%.

11)Pure plastic cable sheath: the oil yield is around 80%

12)Pure plastic bags: the oil yield is more than 50%

plastic pyrolysis plantDOING company waste plastic pyrolysis plant

It's recommended to choose and collect waste plastics with low price and relatively good oil yield according to the local market conditions. And you can try to collect pure, clean and dry plastic as raw material, and the plastic oil yield can be 60% to 85% even 90%. If you collect plastic waste, it is also ok, but to get lower oil yield.

More questions about the plastic selection for pyrolysis, and more details about high quality&high oil yield waste plastic pyrolysis plant, please feel free to consult Henan Doing Company. Our sales manager and engineer team will offer suitable plastic pyrolysis plant solutions!


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