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How much oil can be produced from 10 tons of waste plastic?

Waste plastic is actually a valuable renewable resource, it can be converted into fuel oil through waste plastic pyrolysis plant. Different types of plastics result in different oil yield, ranging from 30% to 95%, which means that 10 tons of waste plastic can produce 3 tons to 9.5 tons fuel oil. Now let's take a look at the details.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantConverting plastic into oil by waste plastic pyrolysis plant

There are several types of plastic that can be pyrolyzed to oil by waste plastic pyrolysis plant:

1.PE(polythene) plastic

PE plastic is very common. It mainly contains some films, electrical isolation materials, network cables, water pipes, fuel tanks, milk bottles, TV cases, radios, washing machine drums, infusion bottles, injection moulded products and wires and cables. When pure, clean and dry, 10 tons of PE plastic can yield about 9.5 tons of fuel oil through pyrolysis.

2.PP(polypropylene) plastic

PP plastic is used in a wide range of applications, such as fibers, injectables, home appliances, coffins, soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, microwave lunch boxes, plastic ropes, furniture, bottle caps, car bumpers, basins, woven bags, etc., and the oil yield of PP can reach 90%. Therefore, after pyrolysis, 10 tons of PP plastic can get about 9 tons of fuel oil.

3.PS(polystyrene) plastic

PS plastic is a widely used plastic, the production scale of billions of kilograms per year, mainly used in electrical appliances, stationery, toys, bowls, instant noodle boxes, fast food boxes and so on. Through waste plastic pyrolysis plant, 10 tons of PS plastic will recover 9 tons of fuel oil.

4.ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic

ABS plastic is a common thermoplastic polymer used for 3D printing prototyping and injection molded part manufacturing. Ten tons of ABS plastic can yield about four tons of fuel oil from a waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

In addition to the plastics mentioned above, there are two other plastics that cannot be used for pyrolysis: PVC and PET. However, if you have a variety of plastics, including small amounts of PET and PVC, you can also get fuel oil from a waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

By now you should know how much oil you can recover from various plastics using a waste plastic pyrolysis plant. You're better off looking for plastics that have a high oil yield so that you can get a higher profit. If you are not sure about the plastic you want to process, please contact us for more precise information.

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