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The steps of producing fuel from plastic waste

How to produce fuel from the plastic? First of all, you have to buy a plastic pyrolysis plant, then how to produce fuel from the plastic by pyrolysis plant? Today I will tell you the steps of producing fuel from plastic waste by our waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

plastic pyrolysis plantThe fuel oil from plastic waste

Firstly, you may try to reduce the water content in the waste plastic, because the greater the water content, the longer the refining time will be. We can dehydrate the plastic first, then feed it to the reactor, you can load the waste plastic either by automatic feeder or by manual feeding, but I would like recommend you to use the auto feeder, because it is safer and more efficient.

After the loading of the waste plastic, you have to check if the sealing material of the equipment is good or not, close the feeding door if it is no problem. Then you can set the fire to heat, turn on all the burners, and turn on the dust removal system as well. When the temperature rises to 50 °C, turn on the cooling water pump. Then continue heating and control the temperature at 100 ° C to evaporate the water in it.

how to make fuel from plasticThe process of waste plastic pyrolysis plant

After two hours, if the temperature rises too fast, it proves that the amount of syn gas is already enough for the heating. At this point, the burner can be turned off one after another, and maintain temperature around 300℃ till there is no oil coming.

Then turn on all the cold blowers cooling down the reactor. When the temperature of the reactor is about 70 °C, the vacuum device should be turned on to suck out the residual gas in the reactor. After that, the carbon black discharging port can be opened for discharging. Finally you are suppose to check all the motors and pipes if there are any problems, you are good to start next batch if everything is good.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantThe carbon black discharing system of DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant

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