tyre pyrolysis plant

12TPD plastic to oil conversion machine running video in Indonesia

Indonesian customer purchased one set of plastic to oil pyrolysis plant from DOING machinery to process local waste plastics which is an efficient machine that can turn waste plastic into fuel oil and carbon black. This waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plan

3D animation showing the process of aluminum plastic separation machine

Aluminum plastic separation machine is used to separate aluminum and plastic from aluminum plastic composite materials such as aluminum plastic decorative plates, aluminum plastic leftover, medical blister packs, etc.

3D video of circuit board recycling machine working process

Circuit board recycling machine can process all kinds of waste circuit board such as waste cell phone board, computer motherboard and so on.

3D running video of copper wire granulator machine

The copper wire granulator machine process includes crushing, air-gravity separation, and electrostatic separation. Fron this video, we can see thewhole process of separating copper and plastic from waste cable wires.

The test run of copper wire granulator machine for Indian customer

After a series of communication with our manager, the Indian customer came to our DOING company to inspect the copper wire granulator machine.

Running video of large scale copper aluminum radiator recycling machine

Large-scale radiator recycling machine is used to separate copper, aluminum and iron from waste radiators for recycling.

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