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What kind of plastic can be turned into fuel by pyrolysis plants?

Pyrolysis technology is a popular, profitable and environmentally friendly choice for many countries to recycle waste plastic. Most of plastic can be turned into fuel by pyrolysis plants, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, paper mill waste, glass steel materials, etc. These plastics can obtain high oil yield.

plastic used for pyrolysis plantWaste plastic to fuel pyrolysis plant oil yields

At high temperature without oxygen, long chains of carbon and hydrogen molecules of these waste plastics will be broken down by heat into smaller molecules of pyrolysis oil, gas, and carbon black by pyrolysis plant.

The obtained plastic oil is a kind of very good heating fuel, with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value, which is much higher than that of coal. It can be widely used in various heavy industry plants as the heating fuel. But if your country has relatively few heavy industries, then you can further refine the oil into non-standard diesel through our distillation machine. The distillation machine can distill the oil to remove wax and gum, and then decolor and deodorize, and finally get diesel. This diesel can be used in diesel generators, heavy machinery, engines, boilers, etc.

waste plastuc to fuel pyrolysis plant Waste plastic pyrolysis plant final products applications

But not all plastics can be used for producing oil. For example, PVC and PET, organic plastic waste, etc. are not suitable for producing oil, because PVC contains acid and will corrode machines, and PET contains almost no oil. Disposal of organic plastic waste will generate harmful gases, so when customers choose raw materials, they should avoid these kinds of plastic.

All in all, as an environmental protection project that converts plastic waste into fuel oil energy, the plastic pyrolysis plant project is favored for its unique environmental protection and economic benefits right now. And with the popularization and promotion of renewable energy around the world, the traditional petroleum industry and chemical industry are facing huge challenges, and plastic pyrolysis projects have received more and more attention as a substitute.

It is worth noting that the plastic pyrolysis project has a high return on investment and huge profit margins, but the purchase of high-quality plastic oil refining equipment and daily operating costs need to be considered when implementing the project.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant projectDOING pyrolysis plant project cases pictures

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