Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant


waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Environmentally friendly waste tyre to oil plant

Waste tire is a recyclable resource. Waste tires can be converted into fuel oil by waste tyre to oil plant. Waste tyre to oil plant has a total of four parts, which are feeding, pyrolysis, cooling, syn-gas treating and smoke treating.

Firstly: feeding

waste tyre to oil plantAutomatic feeder

Waste tires can be loaded into the reactor by the automatic feeder. The auto feeder is designed with 60T hydraulic pressure. It not only improves the efficiency, but also reduces the probability of security accidents. At present, manual feeding is not allowed in most countries, and automatic feeders must be equipped with their pyrolysis plant.

Secondly: pyrolysis

waste tyre to oil plantRound-shape pyrolysis reactor with high pressure and high temperature resistance

After the waste tire is loaded into the reactor, it enters the stage of heating and pyrolysis. In an oxygen-free heating environment, the tire will be pyrolysis into gas in about two hours. Therefore, there are high requirements for the quality of the reactor, and it must have good pressure resistance. Our reactor adopts the design of a standard pressure vessel, which not only has good tightness, but also has better pressure resistance.

Thirdly: cooling

waste tyre to oil plant. DOING 3 steps cooling system for higher oil yield

After the oil gas is generated, it will enter the cooling area. Our cooling devices are designed as a standard heat exchanger, which can improve the cooling efficiency and make the oil gas fully condensed into oil.

Fourthly: syn-gas treating

waste tyre to oil plantOur syn-gas deodorization device

In order to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, our plant is equipped with environmental protection control devices. The first is exhaust gas treatment, because not all the oil gas can be converted into oil, and nearly 10% of oil gas cannot be converted into oil, but this gas is flammable, so we use this part of the gas to heat the reactor, but it contains some sulfur. Before the combustion, our syn-gas deodorization device can remove the sulfur in it, thereby reducing air pollution.

The last is smoke treating.

waste tyre to oil plantSmoke desulfurization tower to meet high environmental protection requirements

There are different levels of treatment schemes for cleaning the smoke. In addition to the standard water dust collector, we have also designed a smoke desulfurization tower, which can not only effectively collect solid particles in smoke but also remove the sulfur produced by the fuel burning, and meets environmental protection requirements.

At present, the global environmental protection situation is becoming increasingly tense. It is very important to choose an environmentally friendly waste tyre to oil plant, which can not only create considerable managerial benefits, but also make our own contribution to the environmental protection.


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