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How to deal with the high sulfur content problem in pyrolytic oil?

Not all kinds of pyrolytic oil have a problem with high sulfur, but the best way to deal with sulfur content in pyrolytic oil is through pyrolytic oil distillation and refinery.

The pyrolytic oil can be obtained from waste tyre, plastic and oil sludge, etc, among which waste tyre pyrolytic oil has higher sulfur content than the oil produced from waste plastic and oil sludge.

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But why can it be like this? It will go back to the question about how tyre is manufactured.

We all know that, for a radial tyre, it is composed of about 50% rubber and 15% steel. In order to make the tire have good elasticity and strength, the rubber needs to go through the vulcanization process by adding a certain percentage of sulfur, which is also the source of sulfur in the pyrlystic oil. But for plastics and oil sludge, they do not have problems with high sulfur, because plastics are the derivatives of petroleum and oil sludge is mostly from big oil refinery plants, and the sulfur has been removed at the source of their formation.

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Our pyrolytic oil refinery plant can greatly reduce the sulfur content inside the tyre pyrolytic oil. The whole refining process is composed of 4 steps, and they are cracking distillation, distillation oil purification, distilled oil catalytic processing to obtain diesel, and final diesel color further removal&filtering process. Firstly, though cracking distillation, about 15%-20% sulfur can be removed. And then most of the sulfur can be removed with the help of special catalysts.

Environmental protection systemEnvironmentable protection system

However, since pyrolytic oil is mainly used as industrial heating fuel, the impact from sulfur content is mainly from the aspect of environmental protection, as long as the factory is equipped with smoke scrubbing desulfurization tower, it will not be very necessary to deal with the high sulfur content problem in tire pyrolytic oil. In comparison with its high heating value, its sulfur content problem can be weakened by the control of environmental protection systems in the factory.

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