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What is Skid-Mounted Modular Pyrolysis Plant?

A skid-mounted modular pyrolysis plant is specialized equipment designed to convert waste tires and plastic into fuel oil, particularly suitable for customers with specific installation and transportation requirements. Unlike the common design pyrolysis plants, the skid-mounted modular design integrates different components into one or a few modules, emphasizing easy installation and mobility. While this design shares the same function as a standard pyrolysis plant in converting solid waste into fuel oil energy, it is important to note that the skid-mounted modular design may not be suitable for all customers, and its suitability should be considered based on individual circumstances.

7DOING skid-mounted modular pyrolysis plant for saleDOING skid-mounted modular pyrolysis plant for sale

The skid-mounted modular design streamlines the pyrolysis plant by consolidating different parts into modules, facilitating easy installation and transportation. This design is typically best suited for small-scale pyrolysis plants due to space constraints. To customize big capacity skid-modular design pyrolysis plant, we will have to compress the space and change the regular process of the oil gas condensate system so that it can be fit for the shipping container, thus the working performance can be deviated from our expectations.

Take DOING pyrolysis plant as an example, our mini 100kg, 500kg and small scale 1ton and 2ton pyrolysis plants adopt the skid-mounted modular design. The plant can recycle various feedstocks, like waste tires, rubber, plastics, oil sludge, etc. with various oil yield. For customers uncertain about their raw materials or seeking to test the process, the small-scale pyrolysis plant offers a convenient solution while allowing them to evaluate the technological process, quality, and after-sales support from DOING Company.

Advantages of the skid-mounted modular pyrolysis plantAdvantages of the skid-mounted modular pyrolysis plant

One notable advantage of our skid-mounted modular pyrolysis plants is that they are pre-assembled before delivery, saving installation time. Once delivered, these pyrolysis plants are ready for immediate operation at the customer's site, enhancing convenience. Besides, it is made to fit for the container, so it is very convenient for customers to do the transportation work.

Over the past 13 years, DOING has been committed to researching the design and manufacturing of the pyrolysis plant, and our skid-mounted modular pyrolysis plants have been exported to Taiwan, Romania, America, Japan, South Africa, Philippines, and other countries and received lots of good feedback.

Projects display of DOING pyrolysis plantsProjects display of DOING pyrolysis plants

All in all, the skid-mounted modular pyrolysis plant has its own unique design and advantages, but if you can't decide whether it is suitable, welcome to consult us. And apart from the skid-mounted modular type, DOING also has other batch type and fully continuous type pyrolysis plants with bigger processing capacity, so for more information, welcome to send your inquiry to us!

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