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What factors will influence the oil output of pyrolysis plants?

Many customers who are just beginning to research the pyrolysis project have asked DOING business managers how much oil can be obtained from pyrolysis plants. Here I would like to everyone that the oil output yield depends on many factors, mainly the following points:

1.Types of raw material

the oil output of various plastics and tires of pyrolysis plantThe oil outputs of various plastics and tires of pyrolysis plant

The oil output rate of different kinds of raw material is definitely different. Such as tires, the amount of oil and gas and steel wire contained in small wire tires, large wire tires, bicycle tires etc. are different, so the output during pyrolysis production will be different. In addition, the wear degree, dry and wet degree of tires have also had a certain impact on the output yield. And if your raw material is good quality plastic, the oil output even reaches around 70% to 80%.

2. Operation of workers

A good operator is very important. He is not only proficient in equipment, but also can effectively solve all kinds of situations. When the customer receives the equipment, DOING will send professional installation & commissioning engineers to guide the equipment installation and train the customer’s operating workers, so that they can independently be proficient in controlling the heat and understand when to use a small fire and when to use a large fire. Such an operation can not only increase the oil production rate, but also extend the service life of the pyrolysis plants.

The professional technical team of Doing CompanyThe professional technical team of Doing Company

3. Equipement manufacture and technology

Some small factories have defects in equipment manufacturing due to lack of technology. The existence of many situations such as uneven heating of the equipment and the failure of the temperature will also affect the oil output rate.

The advantages and equipment details of Doing pyrolysis plantThe advantages and equipment details of Doing pyrolysis plant

The raw materials processed by DOING pyrolysis plants are very extensive, including waste rubber tires, plastic, oil sludges, coal tar oil, aluminum plastics, etc. No matter what raw material you want to process, we can offer suitable solutions to help you achieve high oil yield and high profits.

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So If you are interested in pyrolysis projects, you are welcome to consult DOING. DOING has professional business personnel to serve you one-on-one.

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