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tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

How do you make oil from waste tyres?

The pyrolysis plant can process waste tyres to 45% fuel oil, 30% industrial carbon black, 15% steel wire and 10% combustible gas, to achieve 100% environmental recovery of waste tires. Waste tyre pyrolysis machine mainly includes 3 parts, and the technological process of making oil from waste tyres is as follows:

waste tyres pyrolysis plantWaste tyres pyrolysis plant 3D picture

1. Pyrolysis reactor heating and processing.

Put tires into pyrolysis reactor through the feeding door. At the beginning, the pyrolysis reactor needs to be heated approximately 2 hours for preheating. When starting to heat the pyrolysis reactor, it can be heated by fuel oil, gas, wood, coal etc. Some flue gas will be recycled to heat the reactor once the oil gas starts to come out and there is no need to use the extra material to heat the reactor, which saves a cost of heating.

Note: If you adopt the fully continuous waste tyre pyrolysis machine, it's necessary to pretreat the waste tyres, pull out the steel wire, shred the tyres and then feed them to the pyrolysis reactor.

waste tyresThe process of fully continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

2. Oil gas cooling

The oil gas cooling system of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis machine includes two sets of vertical condensers and 2 sets of horizontal condensers, which is the most professional cooling system of industries. Also, there is a set of oil- water separators and two sets of cooling towers that can definitely get all the oil gas to be cooled down during production to improve the oil yield.

3. Flue gas purification

Our waste tyre pyrolysis machine is equipped with the environmental protection device to filter the dust and remove some little sulfide contained in the flue gas, making sure that the emission is friendly to the environment and meet the policy requirements of each country.

gas purify systemTail gas purification and deodorization system

More details about making oil from waste tyres and waste tyre pyrolysis machines, please contact us immediately. We have rich exportation and installation experience of waste tyre pyrolysis machines, and we can offer you all-around technical service to help you install the waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plants smoothly!

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