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tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

What waste can be recycled by waste to energy pyrolysis plant?

In people's minds, waste is something that has no use value. The only thing to do is get rid of it, but in fact, people can profit from these waste stuff. Waste to energy pyrolysis plant is a popular project for waste treatment. Waste plastic, waste tires, municipal solid waste, hospital plastic waste, oil sludge, coal tar oil, etc., all are the good feeding raw material to get new energy through pyrolysis plants.

pyrolysis plantDOING waste tyres/plastics/oil sludge pyrolysis plant

The working principle of waste to energy pyrolysis plant is thermal cracking. It refers to the breaking of polymers with unsaturated bonds in the main chain in the waste under anaerobic or anoxic working conditions and appropriate temperature. The products are mainly monomers, dimers and fragments, and the products are repolymerized into various olefins, so as to remove volatile substances and form solid carbon.

The final products are mainly fuel oil, pyrolysis syn-gas and other storable energy sources, carbon black, steel wire (tire pyrolysis products). The components of each product vary with the pyrolysis method, pyrolysis temperature, etc.

pyrolysis plantThe product and applications of pyrolysis plant

The mainly working process of waste to energy pyrolysis plant is listed as below:

1. Feeding and Heating process

Feeding the waste into pyrolysis plant, turn on the burners and start the heating process.

2. Extracting oil out

When the temperature reaches 160 degrees, there is oil gas produced from the waste. When the temperature is up to 260 degrees, it is the best stage to get oil. Cooling oil gas into liquid oil, the liquid oil will flow down into tanks.

3. Cooling the reactor

When all oil gas is cooling down into liquid oil, it's time to cool down the reactor, then our draft fan will work. DOING pyrolysis plant has four inlet tubes and four outlet tubes to increase the cooling effect. And it just needs about two hours to cool down the reactor.

pyrolysis reactorPyrolysis reactor

4. Discharging carbon black

When the reactor temperature gets lower about 50-80 degrees, the process of discharging the carbon black will start. Then collect all the carbon black and pack them into bags for sale.

The whole recycling process of producing Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) energy from waste is very easy to study. The most important thing is to purchase suitable waste to energy pyrolysis plant with mature technology and excellent quality to ensure high oil yield and obtain the best profit.

pyrolysis plant There are four types pyrolysis plant of DOING

DOING has been committed to waste to energy pyrolysis plant manufacturing for 11+ years. Our pyrolysis projects are located in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Our high-quality pyrolysis plant and rich experience are worthy of your trust!


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