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tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

How does the waste tire recycling plant work? How to convert waste tire to pyrolysis oil?

The waste tire recycling plant consists of pyrolysis reactor, cooling system, purification system and safety device, which is mainly used for recycling waste tire and further processing waste tire into pyrolysis oil. Normally, the plant can dispose of all waste tires including big car tires, truck tires, OTR tires, small car tires, motorcycle and bicycle tires. The oil output of these kind raw materials is the highest.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant

Now, you may wonder that how to convert waste tire to pyrolysis oil. Under the condition of high temperature heating, waste tires produce oil gas, which forms pyrolysis oil after condensing. Because waste tires are made up of steel wire and rubber, the pyrolysis products include steel wire and carbon black in addition to pyrolysis oil. All of them could be sold directly to the market, also could be further processed before selling. This way, the profit will be more high.

waste tire pyrolysis plantApplication of tire pyrolysis products

The process of converting waste tires into pyrolysis oil is mainly divided into the following five processes. Here, Henan Doing introduce to them to you:

1. Feeding and heating

Waste tires are directly transported into the pyrolysis reactor through the automatic feeder, and a large amount of oil gas will be generated when the pyrolysis reactor reaches a certain temperature.

2. Condensing and oil output

The oil gas are condensed by a three-channel cooling system, where the condensable oil gas has cooled completely into the oil tank.

3.Tail gas purification

Non-condensable gas is also known as tail gas, tail gas contains combustible gas but with hydrogen sulfide and other odor, after the tail gas purification system can be directly used as fuel heating pyrolysis reactor, so as to save fuel.

4. Flue gas purification

Pyrolysis oil itself is fuel, can be directly used as fuel heating reactor, but will produce flue gas. These flue gas will contain a small amount of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and so on, so it is equipped with desulfurization purification tower to purify flue gas, after secondary purification, gas has achieved environmental emission standards, can be directly discharged into the atmosphere.

5. Product collection

The products of waste tires after high temperature pyrolysised are pyrolysis oil, steel wire and carbon black, and oil is stored in the oil tank. Black carbon can be compressed into pellets and sold on the market as fuel. Steel wire can be sold or melted down.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWorkflow of waste tire pyrolysis plant

After the  above processing, waste tire converted into pyrolysis oil. But Doing reminds that the process of waste tire converting into pyrolysis oil is complex. If you do not know how to convert waste tires into pyrolysis oil, or do not know how to choose waste tire pyrolysis plant, you can leave a message, Henan Doing experienced engineers will provide corresponding answers and solutions according to your questions or needs, can ensure your production efficiency, but also more investment savings and environmental protection.

In addition to considering output and budget, land, policy and labor costs are also considered in the scheme of purchasing waste tire recycling equipment. If you have many questions about investment in waste tire recycling, you can consult Henan Doing. Our experienced engineers will provide appropriate solutions according to your needs to ensure your production efficiency, investment and production safety.

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