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tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

Which types of pyrolysis machine can be selected and how to choose the equipment that suits ourselves?

Now the waste tire/plastic/rubber/oil sludge recycling business is becoming more and more popular, because it can not only realize the full use of resources, but also bring great benefits. To develop the recycling business, the necessary preparation is to purchase suitable pyrolysis machine . There are mainly two kinds of pyrolysis machine s can be selected, one is full continuous type pyrolysis machine , the other is batch type pyrolysis machine .

waste tire recycling plantWaste tire pyrolysis machine project

Then how to choose the pyrolysis machine that suits ourselves? Which type pyrolysis machine is better? We can make the decision based on the national policy, automation degree requirements and investment budget.

First of all, before buying pyrolysis machine , be sure to check the relevant local policies, regulations and advocacy for carrying out the business of waste tire/plastic/rubber/oil sludge business. This will help to go through the relevant plant establishment procedures, environmental assessment procedures and so on. Because some countries and regions have made it clear that full continuous type pyrolysis machine must be used if they want to carry out the business of relevant recycling business.

Besides that, we can select the suitable pyrolysis machine based on the requirements of automation degree. The batch type pyrolysis machine mainly process raw materials batch by batch. But the full continuous type pyrolysis machine has higher automation degree and higher processing efficiency, which supports continuous feeding&discharging and saves more time&labor.

fully continuous waste tire recycling machine

Last but not least, the investment budget will also influence the selection of pyrolysis machine . In comparison, the full continuous type pyrolysis machine costs more than batch type pyrolysis machine .

I hope above suggestions can help you choose the suitable pyrolysis machine . Henan Doing company has customized and installed both full continuous type and batch type pyrolysis machine s for customers in more than 90 countries and regions. If you also want to invest in waste tire/plastic/rubber/oil sludge recycling business, welcome to send an inquiry to customize the recycling solutions and equipment!  


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