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tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

How does the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant work?

Fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant is a new type waste tire recycling to fuel oil plant.Its working principle is to form a continuous pyrolysis production line through continuous feeding and discharging. The specific steps are as follows:tire pre-treatment, continuous pyrolysis, cooling, tail gas purification, discharge carbon black and fume treatment.

Continuous waste tire pyrolysis plantThe working process of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Now I mainly introduce the working process of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant:

1、Tire pre-treatment

Firstly, extract the steel wires from the tires with a wire drawing machine,and process them into rubber powder with the rubber powder equipment, and then feed them into the pyrolysis reactor by the feeding winch cage sealed. The continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts PLC control system and fully automatic sealed feeding to ensure safety and environmental protection.

2、Continuous pyrolysis

Feed the rubber powder into the pyrolysis reactor. Under the condition of high temperature and oxygen-free, oil and gas are generated after reaching a certain temperature.


The generated oil and gas will be buffered in the buffer tank and then enter the condensing system for cooling. After passing through the buffer condensing tank, vertical condenser and horizontal condenser in turn, the oil and gas can be effectively condensed into oil, and the condensed oil enters the oil tank.

4、Tail gas purification

After the condensing system, the remaining non-condensable combustible gas contains hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases, which can be used as fuel for heating the pyrolysis reactor after being treated by the tail gas cleaning and removal system.

5、Discharge carbon black

The continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts the carbon black discharge cage to connect the end of the pyrolysis reactor for slag discharge, and the whole process is carried out in a sealed environment, which is safer and more environmentally friendly.

6、Fume treatment

The flue gas generated during the heating process of the reactor enters the desulfurization tower for purification and treatment, and then reaches the national environmental protection emission standard and can be discharged into the atmosphere.

The above is a working principle of the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant , if you want to know more information then you can contact us at any time, we also provide 3D animation video, project case video for reference.

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