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How to convert waste plastic into crude oil?

Plastics play a big role in people's daily lives, but this also leads to the increase in waste plastics. The accumulation of discarded waste plastics has a far-reaching impact on the environment and the harm to nature. After many trials and attempts, converting waste plastic into crude oil has become one of the effective ways to deal with waste plastics. So how to convert waste plastic into crude oil?

pyrolysis plantHow to convert waste plastic into crude oil?

Henan Doing makes a brief introduction here: waste plastic pyrolysis machine can process waste plastic to get crude oil. The process flow of converting waste plastic into crude oil is as follows:

1.Pyrolysis: first put the waste plastic into the reaction of the pyrolysis machine, and then start to heat the reaction. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, the pyrolysis process starts, and then there will be oil gas;

2.Cooling: the oil gas first passes through the buffer tank to slow down the flow rate, and then passes through the four cooling systems to be condensed into crude oil;

cooling systemPyrolysis plant cooling system

3.Recycling of tail gas: in the process of pyrolysis waste plastics, in addition to oil gas, some flammable but non-condensable gases will also be produced, which we call "tail gas", which can be directly recycled for heating the waste plastic pyrolysis machine reactors, to save fuel usage;

4. Carbon black slag discharge: when the pyrolysis process is over and the oil gas is exhausted, it is necessary to discharge the residual materials in the reactor to carry out a new pyrolysis process. These residual materials are mainly carbon black.

The pyrolysis method of waste plastics is of great significance to the municipal solid waste disposal. The waste plastic can be recycled to get crude oil, which increases the utilization value of the waste plastics and obtains economic and social benefits.

If you also want to benefit from converting waste plastic into crude oil to crude oil, welcome to contact Henan Doing Company to customize the high quality and high oil yield waste plastic pyrolysis plants at preferential price!

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