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Which oil can be used as a substitute for diesel and how to get it?

It is well known that diesel is widely used in our daily life. It can be used both as fuel oil and in engines. With the increasing price of diesel, many people turned to find or produce diesel substitutes to use or sell for considerable profit. The following DOING will introduce you two diesel substitutes and how to get them.

First diesel substitute: pyrolysis oil obtained from the pyrolysis plant

Many factories need to use heating fuel, such as glass factories, brick factories, steel factories, cement factories and so on. But the cost of using diesel as a heating fuel would be too high.

Therefore, DOING developed the pyrolysis plant, which can treat waste such as tires, plastics, rubber and sludge into fuel oil by means of the principle of high temperature pyrolysis. The pyrolysis oil has a calorific value of up to 10592.48Kcal/kg, making it an excellent heating fuel that can completely replace diesel.

pyrolysis oil to dieselPyrolysis oil to diesel flow

Second diesel substitute: fuel oil obtained from the used oil refinery plant

In daily life, diesel oil is most commonly used as engine fuel. For some countries where diesel is scarce or expensive, the fuel oil obtained from the used oil refinery plant is just the perfect substitute for diesel.

used oil Usd oil material

DOING specially developed the used oil refinery plant that can further process and refine the pyrolysis oil, used engine/motor oil, waste lubricating oil and other into light diesel. It's a really cost-effective, profitable and environmentally friendly way to processes the solid waste and hazardous waste into fuel oil. According to the feedback of our Nigerian customer, the light diesel is a well-matched fuel oil that can be used in engines instead of diesel.

waste oil distillation machineDOING waste oil/used oil/pyrolysis oil distillation machine

If you want to seize the chance of processing diesel substitutes products to obtain considerable profits, welcome to contact Doing Company and our sales manager will offer you professional advice and introduce the suitable diesel substitutes processing machines based on your requirements!

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