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Waste oil to diesel plant

Through waste oil to diesel machine, used motor oil, waste engine oil, tyre or plastic pyrolysis oil and other black heavy oil can be converted into clean diesel effectively.

waste oil to diesel plantDOING waste oil to diesel plant

Then how does waste oil to diesel plant work?

1. You have to check all the motors pumps if they are in the normal condition.

2. Pumping the waste oil into our vertical reactors.

3. Start all the motors and pumps in a running condition, and keep heating the reactor till the temperature is up to 100℃.

4. Keeping the temperature around 100℃ for 2 hours to evaporate all of the water.

5. Rising the temperature to 370℃ till there is no oil gas coming from the reactor.

6. Pumping the crude diesel into the first catalyst tank, put the catalyst 1#, and start the blender and keep it working about 2 hours.

7. Pumping the crude diesel into the other catalyst tank, and put the catalyst 2#, and start the blender for about 2 hours.

8. Pumping the diesel into the last tank, which is for white clay purification process, to make the diesel into a better quality.

9. Pumping the final diesel into the big storage oil tank.

These are the steps for operating our waste oil to diesel plant. And our engineer will also provide the training to you after the installation.

The diesel produced from our waste oil to diesel plant has a wide range of usage, it can be used into the diesel generators, boilers, and any other heavy machinery directly. A customer from India even use this diesel to his diesel car directly, and the car works perfectly with our diesel.

waste oil to diesel plantThe feedback from our customer

DOING company has been dedicating into research and development of waste oil distillation technology for about 10 years, we have supplied many plants to the customers from all over the world. We have a professional installing and technical team to make sure the waste oil to diesel distillation plant working in a perfect condition.

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  • 1. Qualified manufacturer and equipment with ISO and CE certificate
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  • 3. Technical department for providing technical support, project design and layout drawing
  • 4. Skillful installation team for field installation, commissioning and operation training
  • 5. Responsable after-sale service to keep customers away from troubles during daily operation

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