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How much oil can be obtained from 1 ton of waste tires?

Generally speaking, our customers use waste tires as raw materials to obtain fuel oil through waste tire pyrolysis plant. It is a very good fuel with a calorific value of 10592.48Kcal/kg, which is much higher than that of coal and has very good markets in all countries. The fuel oil can be widely used in boiler plants, cement plants, steel plants, brick plants, glass plants, heavy oil power plants, heating centers, etc.

waste tire pyrolysis plantDoing pyrolysis plant and final products

Doing company has been selling pyrolysis plants for many years and has collected the actual oil yield data of many customer factories. Through the feedback of our customers, we knew that: The oil yield of large vehicles’ tires is about 45%; The oil yield of car tires and bicycle tires is about 40%; The oil yield of rubber cable leather or shoe soles is about 35%; The oil yield of waste chemical fiber carpet materials is about 30%.

In short, different types of tires have different oil yields, ranging from 30% to 45%, which means that 1 ton of waste tire can obtain 300kg-450kg of fuel oil by waste tire pyrolysis plant.

In addition to the raw materials, the factors affecting the oil yield include temperature and condensation:

Temperature: The highest oil output temperature is between 280°C and 300°C. If the reactor can be stabilized at this temperature for a long time, the pyrolysis oil output effect is best.

Condensation: High-quality condensing equipment can ensure that the oil gas can be fully liquefied into pyrolysis oil. Many people think that the more condensing equipment, the better the effect. Actually not. Sometimes the technology of the condensing equipment is also very important. Doing waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts a tube-type condensation method, with 4 processes and 7 condensers can ensure full condensation of oil gas, the entire equipment can reach 70 square meters.

pyrolysis plantCondensation equipment

When you are buying waste tire pyrolysis plant, try to buy one with good quality and high oil output. If you have any questions, please consult Doing Company. DOING company has manufactured waste tire pyrolysis plant for almost 10 years. We have most experienced sales manager and engineer, and they will provide best service for you.

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