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How much does a continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant cost?

Waste tire pyrolysis plant can recycle waste tires to produce fuel oil, which not only reduces pollution, but also creates revenue for customers. So more and more people start to make money by operating waste tire pyrolysis plant. At present, the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is very popular and it will lead the trend of this range in the future.

continuous waste tire pyrolysis plantContinuous waste tire pyrolysis plant 3D image

The cost of the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is composed of many factors: the safety of the plant, the degree of automation, the design, the oil output rate, the treatment of waste gas and flue gas system, etc. These are all key factors that affect the cost of the plant. In addition, the cost of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant with different treatment capacities and configurations varies greatly. Once you have confirmed the daily treatment capacity, you could consider other factors, and then you can get the final cost of the plant.

Before settling the plant, you need to do some else preparation work, such as, getting the land, getting the license, receiving the material, etc. If you want to set up a continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant, please don't hesitate to contact us. DOING Group has more than ten years of experience in manufacturing and developing waste tire pyrolysis plant, and we have a wide range of designs and configurations to meet your different needs, and we will help you to get the most suitable equipment and answer all your questions!

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