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How to produce tire derived fuel(TDF) with pyrolysis plants?

As almost all the environmental protection investors know, to produce tire derived fuel(TDF) with pyrolysis plants is a very environmental protection method for recycling and reusing waste tires. It not only solve the problem of waste tire storage, land occupation and pollution, but also can convert the waste tire into derived fuel(TDF), carbon black and steel wire, which can bring rich profit for investors.

How to produce tire derived fuel(TDF) with pyrolysis plants? Our DOING Company has 3D animation which can show you the process of producing tire derived fuel(TDF) with pyrolysis plants step by step.

As the video shows, the working process of pyrolysis mainly includes two parts: heating and condensing.

1. In reactor, heat raw material waste tire into oil gas.

In this step, controlling the fire is a very important thing that can influence the final oil yield rate, so you need a skillful worker who can make sure the jobcan be done better. The specific temperature controlling is as follows:

When the temperature gets about 160℃, derived fuel(TDF) oil will come out. After the temperature reaches 200 degrees Celsius, control the heat to make the temperature rise steadily and it is best to rise 1℃ every 1-2 minutes to keep the temperature between 200-300 ℃ for 8-10 hours. Then increase the firepower to make the temperature exceed 300 degrees Celsius to all the remaining raw materials that are not well pyrolyzed are heated and fully pyrolyzed.

2. Oil gas will be condensed into liquid oil derived fuel(TDF) by recycled water.

Our DOING designed pyrolysis plant has the newest cooling system: four condensing units, total seven condensers to condensate oil gas into liquid derived fuel(TDF) oil to the greatest extent, and improve the oil yield rate.

The above video shows the working process of our batch type pyrolysis plant. Besides, we also have continuous type waste tire to derived fuel(TDF) pyrolysis plant, which is with higher production and higher automatic. Also, it is our new design products.

Continuous type waste tire to derived fuel(TDF) pyrolysis plant can realize that feed in and out at the same time and 24 hours non-stop work. Its working process is the same as the above batch type pyrolysis plant, including heating and condensing, but with different configuration.

Do you want to produce derived fuel(TDF) from waste tires by pyrolysis plant? Which pyrolysis plant of our DOING do you like? Please contact us for detailed information and quotations.

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