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How to prevent the common problems of tyre recycling pyrolysis plant ?

According to many customers, there may be many problems happening in the tyre recycling pyrolysis plant runing process. Here we summarized some common problems and the corresponding preventive measures for you.

1. Low oil yield

Under normal circumstances, the oil yielding rate of waste tires is 40% to 45%. However, if the temperature is not strictly controlled as required, the oil gas cannot be completely converted into oil, and the tail gas content is greatly increased at the same time, thereby causing waste of resources. Therefore, the operator must strictly control the temperature according to our operation manual.

pyrolysis problemsThe temperature control is important to improve the oil yield of tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

2. Longer time of pyrolysis

The normal pyrolysis time is about 8 hours, but if the water content of the tire is too high, the pyrolysis time will reach 10 hours or more. Because the water needs to be evaporated in the early stage of pyrolysis, so it would be better if you can dry the raw material before feeding, which can effectively save time.

3. Bigger smoke

Our tyre recycling pyrolysis plant is equipped with dedusting system that can effectively dispose of 99.9% smoke. If there is a large amount of smoke in the pyrolysis process, you may check the condition of your furnace basement if it has a good sealing effect, the smoke does not completely enter the dust collector if your basement has any leakage. At this time, the basement should be modified according to the layout provided by the manufacturer. In addition, the draft fan should be opened before the pyrolysis, and it cannot be directly turned off after the pyrolysis is completed until the reactor is cooled.

tyre recycling pyrolysis plantDedusting system is adopted to remove the smoke

4. Unstable of the reactor

Under normal circumstances, this situation does not occur. Unless it is over loaded, overloading will lead the reactor to run unevenly. Therefore, the feed should be strictly in accordance with the requirements and cannot be overloaded.

tyre pyrolysis plantThe whole set of tyre recycling pyrolysis plantt

The above are the common problems and preventive measures for tyre recycling pyrolysis plant. If you have other questions, please contact us freely.

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