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How many tons of waste tires can produce 1T pyrolysis oil?

Recently, many customers ask about how many tons of waste tires can produce one ton pyrolysis oil? Before I answer it, you have to know that there are many kinds of tires, and different types of tires have different oil yield.

oil yield of different waste tireOil yield of different waste tire

Generally speaking, the oil yield of waste tires is between 40% and 45%, so we can get 0.4t to 0.45t pyrolysis oil from 1t waste tires. In other word, if you want to get 1t pyrolysis oil, you probably need 2.3t to 2.5t waste tires.

The type and oil yield of tires are the main factors affecting the final amount of pyrolysis oil. But other factors can also affect the final amount of pyrolysis oil, such as the technology of waste tire pyrolysis plant, the worker's operation method and proficiency.

As a professional manufacturer of waste tire pyrolysis plant, Doing Group's waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts standard pyrolysis reactor which can fully heat the raw materials. Besides, during the whole waste tire pyrolysis process, we will use three steps cooling system , includes two vertical condensers, two horizontal condensers and two cooling towers to get fully cooling effect which can help you get high oil output.

waste tire to oil pyrolysis plantThree steps cooling system in waste tire pyrolysis machine

Hoping the above information is helpful to you, if you still have questions about the calculation of pyrolysis oil, welcome to contact us, Doing Group will give you the most professional answer.

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