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The carbon black from tyre pyrolysis plant

Carbon black as the second main product of tyre pyrolysis plant has a very industrial value. It can be directly sold to the market, or be further processed before selling. At present, there are mainly two further processing ways for carbon black. one is briquetting, the other one is grinding.

carbon black from tyre pyrolysisCarbon black produced by tyre pyrolysis plant

After testing, the combustion value of the carbon black could reach to 7000Kcal/kg, which is almost equal to coal and charcoal, then after briquette the carbon black into pellets, it could be directly used for industrial heating instead of coal. This way, it could promote the use value of the carbon black, also could reduce the use cost of the heating fuel.

carbon black from tyre pyrolysisThe carbon black briquetting machine

Due to the special raw material and production process, the carbon black is also different from the normal carbon black. The carbon black is crude, and the ash content is high, but has more oily materials on surface, which makes it has very similar physical and chemical property to the common used semi-reinforced carbon black. Based on this advantage, we could make further refining for the carbon black to get N550, N660, N774 and other semi-reinforced carbon black, which could be used for making many kinds of rubber products. In addition, the carbon black grinding process could be made in sealed system, which could avoid secondary pollution to the air, and promote the use value of the carbon black. The carbon black after refïning could be sold as $ 300-500 per ton, which could bring much higher profit to the user.

carbon black from tyre pyrolysisCarbon black grinding machine for carbon black further refining

Besides, after activation treatment, the carbon black will become good materials to produce activated carbon. More information about waste tyre pyrolysis plant, welcome to contact us directly!

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