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How to increase the oil yield of waste tire pyrolysis plant?

It has gradually become a trend to use waste tire pyrolysis plant to solve the pollution problems caused by waste tires. Moreover, using waste tire pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tires can also obtain renewable energy such as pyrolysis oil and carbon black, which can be sold as fuel and bring benefits to customers. Due to the preciousness of the oil resources, the yield of pyrolysis oil determines the size of the revenue. Therefore the output of pyrolysis oil is crucial. So how to increase the oil yield of waste tire pyrolysis plant?

waste tire pyrolysis plantHow to increase the oil yield of waste tire pyrolysis plant?

In fact, the oil yield of pyrolysis oil mainly depends on the quality of its raw materials, the performance of the waste tire pyrolysis plant and the professional technical ability of the operators.

waste tire to oil plantOil yield of different tires

First of all, the quality of raw materials. Different kinds of waste tires have different oil yield. The oil content of waste tires is about 40%-45%. The more rubber in the tire, the higher the oil yield. Therefore, the selection of raw materials is one of the most important factors affecting the pyrolysis oil yield. If you are not sure whether you can get high oil yield from your materials, please feel free to contact us to judge it for you.

waste tire pyrolysis plant reactor3D image of waste tire pyrolysis plant

The second, the performance of the waste tire pyrolysis plant. This is also a decisive factor. The main components of the waste tire pyrolysis plant are: pyrolysis reactor, condensation system and dust removal and purification system. Among them, the pyrolysis reactor and condensing system are closely related to the oil output rate. A high quality pyrolysis reactor can heat up quickly and keep the temperature at a high oil yield for a long time. DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts high quality Q245 steel and automatic welding technology to ensure good performance, which not only improves the oil yield but also extends the service life of the reactor. While, the condensation system is divided into four condensation steps: vertical condenser for settling heavy and impurity fuel oil into the the first temporary storage tank; the oil-water separator, a safety device to prevent oil and gas backflow and remove carbon black dust from the oil; the horizontal condenser in series to get sufficient cooling; and the addition of a vertical condensing tower to ensure a high oil yield and avoid residual oil in the exhaust gas. This unique design will greatly improve the oil yield in the pyrolysis process.

waste tire to oil pyrolysis plantDoing engineers guide operators

The third point is the professional technical ability of the operators. If the operators can have excellent professional technical ability to control each step of pyrolysis, the oil yield will also be guaranteed. If the operators are not skilled in operation and do not control the temperature well, for example, the temperature is too low, the raw materials cannot be fully pyrolyzed and the oil gas cannot be produced, and the temperature is too high, the tail gas content in the oil gas will reach a certain peak, causing waste and resulting in low oil yield. Doing Group has experienced engineers to guide and train the customers’ operators, so that the operators can master the waste tire pyrolysis process.

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