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tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

How is pyrolysis oil produced?

In the petrochemical production process, petroleum fractionation products (including petroleum gas) are often used as raw materials to pyrolysis hydrocarbons with long-chain molecules into a variety of short-chain gaseous hydrocarbons and small amounts of liquid hydrocarbons at higher temperatures (700-800°C, sometimes even up to more than 1000°C) to provide organic chemical feedstocks. In industry, this method is called petroleum pyrolysis and is a chemical change. The previous pyrolysis plant produced a large number of exhaust gases, which had a serious impact on the air. And it is not integrated enough and has a low degree of automation, which affects the overall process efficiency. Therefore, we developed the latest pyrolysis plant with anaerobic cryogenic pyrolysis technology and environmental protection equipment.

pyrolysis plantDOING pyrolysis plant

The entire production process of DOING pyrolysis plant is completely pollution-free. Now, let's take the example of treating tires and look at the detailed processing steps.

First, pull the steel wire out of the waste tire with tire pulling machine to obtain the product steel wire.

Next, put waste tire into pyrolysis reactor with auto-feeder and make sure both the feeding door and slagging door are closed tight.

Then, heat the pyrolysis reactor by fuel, such as coal, wood, gas, oil, etc. to convert waste tire into oil gas and carbon black.

And then, the oil gas will be cooled by condensation system. After that, the pyrolysis oil gas will be turned into liquid oil which will be pumped into oil tank.

And then, the carbon black in the pyrolysis reactor will be discharged through the underground sealing device when the temperature in the reactor drops below 50°C to avoid secondary pollution to the environment.

Last, the tail gas produced through pyrolysis can be cleaned and recycled to heat the pyrolysis reactor as fuel which is a complete alternative to heating fuel.

In conclusion, Our DOING pyrolysis plant can convert waste plastic, waste tire, waste rubber and oil sludge into fuel oil with no secondary pollution. It’s one of the best ways to recycle waste plastic, waste tire, waste rubber and oil sludge. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our professional project manager will answer for you.

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