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What are the advantages of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant?

With the development of the automotive industry,the number of waste tires is increasing day by day, for the treatment of waste tires has been our urgent problem, we used to use the batch waste tire pyrolysis plant for processing. But for the current large number of tires, want to solve efficiently, we take the full continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant, not only to improve production efficiency, but also safe and environmentally friendly. The following I will elaborate on the advantages of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant.

continuous waste tire pyrolysis plantContinuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

1. Continuous working

DOING continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant can keep working 24 hours per day. It adopts automatic sealed feeding and discharging system, which can work simultaneously with high efficiency and high capacity.Therefore, you don't have to wait for cooling before discharging. Meanwhile, you can save the time and fuel for preheating the reactor.

2. PLC automatic control

Our continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant can be controlled by PLC or computer intelligence, which saves manpower and material resources and makes the whole oil refining process more convenient and fast.

3.Unique sealing, internal operation

our continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant uses an internal rotating drive system that does not require the use of sealing materials, so there is no need to stop frequently to replace the sealing materials in order to achieve true full continuous operation.

4. Indirect heating of the reactor, good safety and high oil output rate

We are multi-reactor continuous operation, the feed is fully cracked oil output rate is high. And the connection is installed with a cooling device to ensure safety, The heating source does not directly contact the pyrolysis reactor, which can make the heating uniform and extend the service life of the reactor.

5. Environmental friendly

The non-condensable combustible gas can be used as fuel for heating the cracking reactor after being treated by the exhaust gas purification system. The flue gas generated during the heating of the reactor enters the desulfurization tower and is purified and treated to meet the national environmental protection emission standards. And the whole process is well sealed to prevent pollution.

If you would like more information about our continuous pyrolysis plant for waste tires, please feel free to contact us.Our company has been engaged in waste tire pyrolysis projects for about more than 10 years and we are ready to provide valuable information and advice to help you implement the project.


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