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How to start a plastic to oil project?

Waste plastics are a waste that causes headaches in various countries. Recycling waste plastic to crude oil is a good project that not only solves the "white pollution" but also brings huge economic benefit for us. There are many points to be paid attention to when starting a plastic to oil project. Here are some of our suggestions:

First, you need to find a supplier of waste plastics and filter the appropriate waste plastics as raw materials. As we all know, the difference is that plastic products are made of different plastics. The common plastic types on the market are polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyvinyl chloride, etc. (abbreviated as PE , PP, PS, PET and PVC).

But not all kinds of waste plastic can be turned to crude oil. PE, PP, PS are good materials for waste plastic to oil machine. But PVC and PET is not suitable for plastic pyrolysis.

plastic to oil projectThe common plastics

After selecting the right plastics, you need to choose a piece of equipment to process them and get crude oil. There are a lot of equipment available on the market. When choosing a plastic to oil machine, the following aspects should be considered seriously :

1. The qualification of the equipment manufacturer. Whether the manufacturer has installation cases;

2. The equipment design principle.

3. The manufacturer after-sales ability. The purchase of plastic to oil machine is only the beginning, and later a professional manufacturer would help you install and debug the machine, train the workers the equipment operation.

plastic to oil machineDOING plastic to oil machine is being installed

Finally, after purchasing the plastic to oil machine, it is necessary to find the channels to sell crude oil and negotiate the price. According to feedback from our customers, the market of crude oil is very wide and easy to sell. (相关推荐:销售价格)

plastic to oil projectThe wide use of crude oil

Of course, there are many other details to be aware of when starting a plastic to oil project. With 10 years of project installation experience, DOING will offer the best solution for you. Welcome contact us freely.

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