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waste tyre pyrolysis plant

What machine can we use to dispose of municipal solid waste (msw) properly?

With the development of world industrialization and the improvement of people's production and living standards, a large amount of municipal solid waste (msw) is produced. So what kind of machines can properly handle such municipal solid waste ? In terms of environmental protection and project feasibility, Doing Company’s msw pyrolysis plant is the best choice.

1.Environmental protection degree

DOING Degree uses the principle of high temperature pyrolysis to process municipal solid waste, from which we can obtain some fuel oil, carbon black and some syn-gas. The whole process is safe and environmentally friendly, and is equipped with exhaust gas purification devices and other related environmental protection configurations to ensure that the entire production process achieves zero discharge of wastewater. All exhaust gas emissions comply with EEA and EPA policy emission standards in the European Union, the United States and other regions.

pyrolysis plant Waste rubber recycling pyrolysis to fuel oil,carbon black and steel wire

This treatment method fully realizes the renewable utilization of municipal solid waste resources, and has even received policy and subsidy support from many countries.

2. Project Feasibility

If you want to process and profit from these municipal solid wastes, the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste is also an excellent treatment method. Because municipal solid waste contains a lot of plastic, you can make great money by selling the obtained valuable fuel oil and carbon black products.

We generally recommend that customers perform simple sorting and drying of msw before pyrolysis, then the quality of the product obtained in this way is better, and the market price will be better. After pre-treatment, the plastics separated from the municipal solid waste can be sent to the pyrolysis reactor and directly into the pyrolysis unit for processing.

municipal solid wasteMunicipal solid waste

Due to the different oil yields of different types of plastics, the oil yields vary from about 30% to about 60% or even more. The fuel oil can be used as a good heating fuel for steel factory, heavy oil generator, cement factory, etc. In addition, it also can be refined into diesel by crude oil refinery plant. Carbon black powder can be made into granular briquette machine with carbon black, which is easy to burn and transport.

If you are not sure whether your municipal solid waste can be processed by our pyrolysis plant and would like to know the feasibility analysis of msw disposing, please feel free to inquiry DOING's business Manager. They will give professional advice on the detailed msw pyrolysis plant solution so as to help you carry out your msw disposing project smoothly and help you profit from it.


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