tyre recycling pyrolysis plant
  • What are the advantages of pyrolysis?

    Pyrolysis is widely used for energy renewable industry. For plastic/tyre waste management, pyrolysis is a better alternative compared to incineration or dumping. Incineration is burning of waste which ...

  • What are the advantages of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

    The greatest advantages of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant are its environmental protection and degree of automation. People now require for the environmental protection of a waste tyre pyrolysis...

  • How is pyrolysis oil produced?

    The previous pyrolysis plant produced a large number of exhaust gases, which had a serious impact on the air. Therefore, we developed the latest pyrolysis plant with anaerobic cryogenic pyrolysis techn...

  • How to increase the oil yield of waste tire pyrolysis plant?

    It has gradually become a trend to use waste tire pyrolysis plant to solve the pollution problems caused by waste tires. Moreover, using waste tire pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tires can also obtai...

  • How to choose waste oil refinery plant in Indonesia?

    Waste oil mainly refers to waste motor oil, waste lubricating oil, plastic pyrolysis oil and tire pyrolysis oil. Waste oil refinery plant can refine waste oil to high quality diesel oil....

  • How can we get diesel fuel from waste tires?

    So how can we get diesel from the waste tire? Then we have to talk about the pyrolysis and distillation technology, the former one can help you get pyrolysis oil from waste tires, the latter on can ref...

  • What is diesel oil used for?

    Diesel oil can be extracted from crude oil, waste oil, pyrolysis oil, used engine oiland the diesel can be used in tractor, truck, ship, and boiler etc...

  • How long does it take to build a waste oil to diesel plant?

    Normally it will take at least 3months for our foreign customer to build a 5ton capacity waste oil to diesel plant and 4months for the 10ton capacity plant since the day we got his enquiry....

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