Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling Machine


Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling Machine

Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling Machine

Copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is professionally to process the waste radiators of cars or air conditioners to recycle the copper and aluminum out. With the replacement of cars and air conditioners, more and more waste radiators have been dismantled, so the copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is getting more welcomed accordingly.

stripping type radiator recycling machineStripping type radiator recycling machine

As for the waste radiators in life, there are mainly two kinds. One is neat radiators which still have the shape. Another is the scrap radiators. For the two kinds of radiators, the processing way is different too. Following I'll briefly introduce these two ways. As for the neat waste radiators, the stripping type radiator separator machine which is enough to process. It's also called copper aluminum radiator recycling machine. But the operation of the stripping type radiator separator machine is easy. Just put the whole radiators into this machine and then you could directly get the copper and aluminum separated as the final product. The whole process is quick and the efficiency is obviously too.

As for the large-scale radiator recycling machine, the processing includings shredding, crushing, negative pressure baffling and air separation.

The first step is shredding. The shredder will cut the radiator into small pieces, so that the machine can deal with the radiator easily.

The second step is crushing. It can crush the radiator pieces into smaller, or can crush these radiator which are not shredded by shredder.

large-scale radiator recycling machineLarge-scale radiator recycling machine

The third step is negative pressure baffling and iron removing. This step is aimed at separate light weight aluminum and iron from radiator.

The last step is air separation. The air separator will separate aluminum and copper according to their different gravities. Then you will get copper out of radiator easily.

As for the copper aluminum radiator recycling machine, there are mainly five aspects of this business:

1. The separation rate is high, could be reaching to 99%, so the metal separated will be very pure.

2. There is dust collecting device equipped in the whole process, so it could control the dust flying to ensure the clean of the factory.

3. High degree of automation. The whole line is PLC automation process, which only needs one person to operate.

4. The voltage can be customized as per your requests.

5. With low investment, and high profit.

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