Copper Wire Granulator Machine


Copper Wire Granulator Machine

Copper Wire Granulator Machine

Copper wire granulator machine is an environmental protection type machinery, also called copper cable wire recycling machine or copper wire separator machine, which is used for recycling waste copper cable wires, like car wires, telephone wires, industrial copper wire, and cable wires.

copper wire granulator machineScrap cable wires

The main process of copper wire granulator machine includes shredding/crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation. The whole process of copper wire granulator machine adopts dry physical method, which means no water, no fire, no chemical, it’s total environmental friendly. Not only that, the whole process is under sealed structure with advanced pulse dust collector, which could ensure no dust fly around during the operation.

copper wire granulator machineCopper wire granulator machine working process

Copper wire granulator machine have different processing capacities and different configurations. For small processing capacity, like 100-400kg/h, it has integrated type design and low power consumption. If you want big capacity equipment, we can also provide 500-1000kg / h equipment, and even customize 2000kg / h equipment according to your needs.

copper wire granulator machineCopper wire granulator machine

What’s more, for very thin wires, like car wires which are less than 3mm, we also have the electrostatic separator which could be equipped with the air separator for further separation, thus to fully separate the thin copper left with plastics.

The final products of copper wires are copper and plastic, copper could be sold to metal processing factory or made it into copper ingots, plastic could be directly sold to plastic fabricator or made into plastic products, like plastic tubes then sold out. Take China market price as an example, the price of one ton of copper is $2,500, and the price of plastic is $150-300.

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