Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine


Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine

Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine

Aluminum plastic separation machine is more and more popular in recent years because it is a environmental recycle machine. Aluminum plastic separation machine adopts fully-dry type physical method to separate the scrap,which replace the traditional fire burn, water wash and landfill process methods, so there is no pollution to the environment.

aluminum plastic separation machineAluminum plastic composite materials

The aluminum plastic separation machine could separate aluminum and plastic from medical blister packs, scrap aluminum plastic foil, aluminum plastic composite panel, or other kinds of raw materials are made by aluminum and plastic which the percentage of aluminum isn’t less than 20%.

The process of aluminum plastic separation machine as blow:

1.Crusher machine -crush the raw material to be small pieces.

2.Grinding machine -grind the raw material to be granules or powder.

aluminum plastic separation machineAluminum plastic separation machine

3.Eddy vibrating screen - the big and small granules. The larger part of the particle will be grinding for the second time.

4.Electrostatic separation - separate out the aluminum and plastic by their different electric property. The electrostatic separation is mainly for dealing with very small granules and ensure 99.9% recovery rate.

In addition, our equipment is also equipped with a dust removal system and circulation water cooling system. The water cooling system to avoid the plastic melted or stick on aluminum under high temperature. Pulse dust removal collect the dust automatically when operating the machine, keep the working environment clean.

The separated aluminum and plastic from aluminum plastic composite materials is clean and pure. The aluminum could be made aluminum ingot or sold directly, the plastic could be used as granules to make new plastic, or sell to the plastic processing plants to be used for making any plastic products, such as plastic tube and plastic sheet.

aluminum plastic separation machineAluminum plastic separation machine

The price of aluminum plastic composite materials like medical blister packs is about USD357/ton, but the sell price of separated aluminum is USD 1517/ton in average and the plastic is USD 658/ton in average as the search and feedback of clients. So the aluminum plastic separation machine is a business of cheap investment but high profit. After making sure the type of your raw materials and required capacity, we could help you analysis the profit accordingly.

After learning about the above introduce, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have these related raw materials and be interested in the aluminum plastic separation machine, Welcome to send the sample to test machine and your coming.

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