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Why is it important to have an aluminum plastic recycling program?

As the use of aluminum plastic in the building decoration industry becomes more and more common, the amount of waste aluminum plastic is also increasing. In order to recycle these waste aluminum plastic, it is important to have an aluminum plastic recycling program.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastie panel

The aluminum plastic recycling program is a sustainable development process for aluminum plastic that diverts waste aluminum plastic from landfill to new manufacturing processes. In addition, the ultimate aim of an aluminum plastic recycling program can contribute to the creation of true circular economy.

Why is it possible to gain economic benefits from an aluminum plastic recycling program? Aluminum plastic consists of multiple materials, mainly including aluminum skins, a polyethylene (PE) core. Rather than waste these resources, aluminum plastic recycling separates the components of the panel, so they can be redistributed to manufacturers and repurposed into new products. The aluminum can be sold directly and it is also sent to a smelter, where it can be machined into new products such as window frames, benches, and other building products. The PE core can be repurposed by plastic manufacturers into plastic bottles, piping, chairs and more. As you can see from these presentations, we can recycle the aluminum and plastic in aluminum plastics to make a profit. If you are prepared to recycle the aluminum and plastic in aluminum plastic, you will make a pretty good profit. Here is a profit table on aluminum plastic recycling that will give you a clear reference.


Capacity (Kg/h) Overall Dimension Power (Kw) Weight (Kg) Recovery Rate
200-300kg/h 8500*4500*4200mm 94kw 6800kg ≥99%
300-400kg/h 9500*5000*4200mm 135kw 7600kg
500-600kg/h 11500*6500*4200mm 316kw 12600kg
800-1000kg/h 16000*9000*4200mm 483kw 13500kg

So what methods can we choose to use to recycle aluminum and plastic from aluminum plastic in an aluminum plastic recycling program? The aluminum plastic recycling machine is now the most advanced technology for recycling aluminum and plastic panel, which is a completely environmentally friendly and efficient machine. The aluminum plastic recycling machine is a process of crushing, grinding and electrostatic separation, which ultimately separates the aluminum and plastic from the aluminum plastic automatically. If you are looking for an aluminum plastic recycling machine at this moment, the aluminum plastic recycling machine from DOING is a good choice. DOING is a company that specialises in aluminum plastic recycling machine with twelve years of experience in manufacturing. DOING aluminum plastic recycling machine is exported to various countries such as Australia, Egypt, Korea and Indonesia.

aluminum plastic recycling machineProject case

Why is DOING aluminum plastic recycling machine so popular with so many clients? DOING aluminum plastic recycling machine has the following advantages:

1.The crusher use 65Mn alloy blades, which has good toughness and high wear resistance guarantee.

2.Eddy-vibrating screen is a high-precision screening machine with low noise, high efficiency and whole sealing structure.

3.Grinding mill is equipped with air cooling and water cooling system, which could avoid the material melting cause by high temperature generated from grinding process.

4.Air separator, taking advantage of Italian air suspension principle to separate copper and plastic. It adopt variable frequence control knob to adjust machine to get high separation rate,very easy to operate.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAdvantages

5.Electrostatic separator can separate metal and plastic by high voltage electrostatic, along with bucket elevator to form an automatic sorting circle system to get high separate rate over 99.9%.

6.Pulse dust collector, equip with pulse valve to clean dust automatically, has high dust remove rate over 99.5%.

If you are interested in this aluminum plastic recycling machine, please feel free to contact us.DOING is a specialised manufacturer of aluminum plastic recycling machine, we can give you best service!

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