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Waste PCB (printed circuit board) recycling pyrolysis plant

The waste PCB (printed circuit board) recycling pyrolysis plant uses low-temperature thermal pyrolysis technology to heat waste PCB in an oxygen-free environment. The chemical bonds in high-molecular organic polymers such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, etc. begin to break and are converted into low chains hydrocarbon materials, thereby obtaining solid residues(including mixed metals), pyrolysis oil and syn-gas products.

1. Waste PCB materials that can be processed:

Waste PCB that can be processed by pyrolysis plant include various waste PCB, copper-clad laminates, PCB, computer motherboards, television boards, printed PCB, various waste electrical motherboards and processing waste.

2. Final product and application scope:

The products of the pyrolysis reaction of waste PCB recycling pyrolysis plant mainly consist of the following three parts:

PCB recycling pyrolysis plantPCB recycling pyrolysis plant final products

①Pyrolysis oil (22-28%): High calorific value, it can be used as industrial fuel for boiler heating, steel plants, cement plants, ceramic plants, brick factories, etc., or it can be purified into non-standard diesel oil after subsequent distillation by waste oil refinery plant and used in diesel generators or heavy machinery like tractors, ships, trucks, etc.

②Pyrolysis gas (4-6%): It can be purified and returned to the pyrolysis plant reactor as heating fuel to achieve fuel self-sufficiency.

③Pyrolysis residue (60-68%): Mixed metals such as tin, lead, aluminum, and magnesium in the pyrolysis residue can be purified through further screening and sorting processes and used as metallurgical raw materials or sold directly; coke can be directly pressed into briquettes and used for industrial combustion.

It should be noted that the components and output of the above waste PCB pyrolysis products vary according to factors such as the type of waste PCB raw materials, heating speed, heating temperature, etc.

3.Process flow of waste PCB recycling pyrolysis plant

(1)Pretreatment: crush and screen the waste PCB to remove impurities and non-circuit board parts.

(2)Pyrolysis: Put the pretreated waste PCB into pyrolysis reactor for heating. When heated to 300-600°C, the organic matter in the waste PCB will be decomposed into flammable gases and liquids, while the metal will be reduced to elemental metal.

PCB recycling pyrolysis plantPCB recycling pyrolysis plant

(3)Gas purification: The combustible gas produced by pyrolysis plant needs to be desulfurized and purified to remove impurities and harmful substances to ensure that the discharged gas meets environmental protection requirements.

(4)Waste slag treatment: When the temperature of the pyrolysis reactor drops to about 50°C, open the slag discharge port, rotate the pyrolysis plant, and discharge the remaining slag for proper treatment.

(5)Metal recycling: The metal elements produced by waste PCB recycling pyrolysis plant need to undergo further screening, sorting and other recycling processes to obtain high-purity metals.

4.Equipment composition of waste PCB recycling pyrolysis plant

The waste PCB recycling pyrolysis plant is mainly composed of six major parts: crushing system, feeding system, pyrolysis reactor system, oil gas condensation system, exhaust gas purification and deodorization system, and flue gas desulfurization and purification system. The various components of the waste PCB pyrolysis plant cooperate closely with each other to form a precise, safe and environmentally friendly production line.

PCB recycling pyrolysis plantPCB recycling pyrolysis plant equipment details

Note: Currently, there are two ways to recycle waste PCB:

1. Pyrolysis plant: Waste PCB are directly pyrolyzed after crushing. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the organic matter in the waste PCB is pyrolyzed to generate pyrolysis oil, while metal and other impurities are left in the pyrolysis residue and can be further separated;

2. Physical separation: Utilize waste PCB separation machine, adopt dry physical separation method, and achieve separation of mixed metal and resin fibers through processing steps such as shredding, crushing, screening, double sorting, and dust removal.

PCB separation machinePCB separation machine

Whether you want to use the pyrolysis plant method or dry physical separation method to deal with waste PCB, Henan Doing Company can provide you with corresponding environmental protection treatment solutions to achieve the reduction and resource utilization of waste PCB!

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