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Three most frequently asked questions and answers about tire pyrolysis machine

In this era of great attention to environmental protection, tire pyrolysis machine is very popular, it can not only deal with waste tire pollution, but also can create available resources. However, I believe that people from different industries are still unfamiliar with tire pyrolysis machine, so I will introduce you to our tire pyrolysis machine through a few common questions.

Question one: What products can be obtained from tire pyrolysis machine and what are their uses?


1. The products obtained from tire pyrolysis machine are fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire and syn gas.

tire pyrolysis machineThe end products of tire pyrolysis machine

2. Products uses:

1) Fuel oil can be widely used in boiler factory, cement factory, steel factory, brick factory, glass factory, heavy oil power plant,warm supply center and so on.

2) Carbon black can be sold directly or briquette into pellets as the industrial heating instead of coal, or make further refining to many kinds of rubber products.

3) Steel wire can be sold to steel mills or scrap recyclers.

4) Syn gas can be used to heat the reactor to save the heating fuel.

Question two: Whether the tire pyrolysis machine is environmentally friendly?

Answer: The tire pyrolysis machine is an environmental protection machine to deal with pollution of tires, so it will not generate another pollution in order to reduce pollution. Our tire pyrolysis machine is equipped with some environmental protection configurations, such as carbon black discharge device, syn gas purification device, dust removal device.

tire pyrolysis machineThe environmental protection system of tire pyrolysis machine

Carbon black discharge device can discharge and collect carbon black in a confined space to prevent pollution to the factory.

Syn gas purification device can remove H2S and harmful gases before the syn gas is used to heat the reactor, avoiding bad odor.

Dust removal device can remove dust and particles in the smoke generated by combustion, and achieve the purpose of controlling pollution emissions.

Question three: How to ensure the safety of tire pyrolysis machine?

Answer:1. Our tire pyrolysis machine adopts automatic welding and X-ray inspection welding to ensure the quality of the welds and avoid explosions and gas leakage. And equipped with safety valves, safety meters, etc.

2. Equipped with vacuum system and oil-water separator and water seal and other safety devices to ensure safety during pyrolysis processing.

tire pyrolysis machineSafety device of waste tire pyrolysis machine

3.When commissioning and running tire pyrolysis machine, our engineers will teach the workers to how to operate the machine. The workers must operate the machine according to the requirements of the engineers, and cannot operate it illegally.

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