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tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

What are environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of used tires?

In recent years, many countries have realized the tire pollution problem, and many countries have started to recycle the used tires themselves. There are three popular ways to dispose of used tires: prototype utilization, grinding, and thermal pyrolysis.

In comparison, the resource recovery of prototype utilization is less. And the inappropriate grinding way of used tires may cause dust pollution. So the thermal pyrolysis way is the most environmentally-friendly and recommended way to dispose of used tires.

Till now, this pyrolysis technology to dispose of the used tires into fuel oil, carbon black, syan-gas products is becoming more and more popular now. Henan Doing Company has exported and installed relatively used tire/plastic pyrolysis plants to more than 100 countries and regions, including the European countries that have more strict requirements for environmental protection devices.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyres pyrolysis plant

Our environmental protection design of used tire pyrolysis plant is mainly reflected in 3 aspects, which can pass the high EU Standards.

1. No waste water: circulating cooling water

All the cooling water used in the cooling system of used tire pyrolysis plant is circulating, there is no waste water emission and no waste water pollution caused. For one set of 12t daily capacity pyrolysis plants, it just uses about 50-60 cubic meter cooling water. It needs to add water regularly to prevent evaporation loss and there is no need to replace them.

2. No dust waste: complete discharging system

We use the side discharging system, the carbon black will be discharged to the underground directly, which won’t fly to the factory. Then use the sealed screw conveyor to lift the carbon black to the ground. And we also have the steel wire pulling machine to pull the steel wire from the pyrolysis reactor, which is also completely sealed to avoid the carbon black flying.

 discharging system Carbon black discharging system

3. No gas waste: smell removal system and flue gas purification system

If you process the used tire, because the tire contents the sulfur, so will produce H2S when pyrolysis. It smells of rotten eggs, which is a polluting gas. We have the smell removal system to remove the H2S, and after purification, most of the exhausted gas will be recycled to heat the reactor to save energy, and it won’t need to be discharged.

The flue gas purification system mainly removes harmful gases in the flue gas, mainly sulfides, and requires catalysts, water spray, exhaust gas deodorization systems and flue gas purification systems, all of which are spray devices, and all use circulating water.

By the way, the used tires could be 100% recycled, and without waste discharging, you will get fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires as the final products. And this machine could be self sufficient, don’t need to purchase fuel from others, which is very convenient.

That's the reason why our used tire pyrolysis plants are so popular among customers. If you want to dispose of used tires environmentally, just feel at ease to contact us to get professional solutions of DOING used tire pyrolysis plants.



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