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Which Fuel Can Be Used as an Alternative Energy to Natural Gas?

According to data provided by energy research institute Rystad Energy, many European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, have been hit by the energy crisis, and electricity and oil bills have remained high. So is there any fuel that can be put into use as an alternative energy to natural gas to alleviate the European energy crisis?

Pyrolysis oil is a kind of fuel oil with extremely high calorific value and low production cost. It can be used as an alternative energy to natural gas for industrial or boiler heating, such as heavy oil generators, cement machine s, steel machine s, glass machine s, etc.

pyrolysis plantThe applications of waste tyres pyrolysis plant

So how to get or produce this pyrolysis machine ? We can use DOING pyrolysis machine to extract pyrolysis oil from waste tires, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste oil sludge, coal tar oil residue and other wastes. The entire pyrolysis oil production process is safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. In this way, we can not only reduce our dependence on natural gas, but also realize the recovery and reuse of waste resources. And here let’s take the waste tire as an example and see how the pyrolysis oil is extracted from waste tires:

It is worth mentioning that the obtained pyrolysis oil can be converted into light diesel fuel through the deep processing and refining of DOING waste oil/crude oil distillation machine . The obtained diesel can be used in diesel combustion engines, generators, agricultural machinery, etc.

DOING's pyrolysis technology and distillation technology are very mature. At present, our pyrolysis machine and distillation have been sold and installed in more than 90 countries and regions around the world, and are widely praised by clients. If you want to engage in relative waste to oil/diesel business, welcome to contact Doing Company, and our professional sales manager and engineer team will customize you suitable solutions!


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