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How to make furnace oil from waste tyres?

Thewaste tyre pyrolysis equipment can convert used tires into furnace oil. Apart from furnace oil, you can also get steel wire and carbon black from it.

tire pyrolysis equipmentDOING waste tyre pyrolysis equipment

So what are the specific steps of making oil from used tires by the pyrolysis equipment?

tire pyrolysis processThe process simulation of waste tyre pyrolysis equipment

1. Feeding

The first step is to put the tires into the automatic feeder. At present, only automatic feeding is allowed in many countries and regions, more efficient and safer. Our automatic feeders are hydraulically designed to push the tires into the reactor by 50 tone pressure.

2. Ignition

After loading the tires, you have to make sure the sealing material is intact and then turn on the burners to start heating. Turn on the circulating cooling system at the same time. At the beginning, you can turn the firepower to the maximum and heat it for 1-2 hours. At the same time, the exhaust gas spray gun can be turned on, and then all the burners are turned off one after another, and the temperature is controlled at about 350 ° C until no oil is produced.

3. Cooling down

After the oil is finished, turn off all water cooling pumps, turn on the air cooler, which can speed up the cooling. This process lasts about 5 hours.

4. Discharging

When the reactor is cooled to 70 ° C, open the slag discharge port, start the reducer to discharge carbon black, this process lasts about 2 hours. Then open the reactor door and remove the steel wire.

The above is the process of making furnace oil from waste tyres. Safety must be observed during the pyrolysis process. After the equipment is installed, our engineers will train the operating equipment.

used tires pyrolysis equipmentWorker is operating the waste tyre pyrolysis equipment under our engineer's guidance

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