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How to choose waste oil refinery plant in Indonesia?

Waste oil mainly refers to waste motor oil, waste lubricating oil, plastic pyrolysis oil and tire pyrolysis oil. Compared with high quality diesel oil, they have lower calorific value and a narrower range of applications. Waste oil refinery plant can refine waste oil to high quality diesel oil. Due to the shortage of high quality diesel fuel resources in Indonesia, waste oil refining projects are very important. But if you want to run a waste oil refinery project successfully, you need a good waste oil refinery plant. But how to choose waste oil refinery plant in Indonesia?

 waste oil refinery plantHow to choose waste oil refinery plant in Indonesia?

Doing Group suggests that you can choose a suitable waste oil refinery plant in Indonesia by looking at four aspects: oil output rate, working efficiency, daily capacity and supplier strength.

◆ Oil output rate

Obviously, the higher the output rate, the higher the profit you will get. So the oil output rate is very important. Generally, the oil output rate of waste oil is around 80%-85%. At present, the market mainly uses distillation and catalyst technology to refine waste oil. Besides the design of the distillation process, catalyst has a great influence on oil output rate. Doing waste oil refinery plant can adopt two kinds of catalysts, both of which can significantly improve oil output rate. One is traditional liquid catalyst, customers can buy raw material in local market, but the raw material is not easy to buy in some areas; the other is solid catalyst, provided by Doing Group, which is easy to use and high efficiency. Customers can choose according to their own situation.

◆ Working efficiency

The design of waste oil refinery plant on the market varies. Some need to run for nearly a week to complete a batch of waste oil treatment, while others only need about a day to complete a batch of treatment. DOING waste oil refinery plant is designed with dual system heating, which can heat the waste oil quickly and evenly and operate with high efficiency, saving more fuel, electricity and labor costs.

◆ Daily Capacity

The commonly used waste oil refinery plant in the market have a daily capacity of 5T, 10T, 15T and 20T. If you have enough raw materials of waste oil, we recommend you to choose a unit with a larger daily capacity, which can produce more diesel oil in one run and be more efficient. Our project manager will also suggest the right waste oil refinery for you and customize the right solution according to your actual situation.

◆ Supplier Strength

Doing Group has more than 10 years of experience in this industry and has a professional design team, installation team and after-sales service team. We can configure unique solutions according to the unique needs of customers to ensure that the benefits of customers are maximized.

According to customer feedback, these four aspects are sure to consider when purchasing a waste oil refinery plant. If you want to know more information, please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with the best solution.

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