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How can we get diesel fuel from waste tires?

Many people who don't know the waste tire to diesel fuel business will have such a question - Is it possible to get fuel oil from the waste tire? As an experienced manufacturer of waste tire pyrolysis plant, we can tell you responsibly that we can get diesel from waste tires. As for how to get it, we have to talk about the pyrolysis and distillation technology, the former one can help you get pyrolysis oil from waste tires, the latter on can refine the pyrolysis oil into diesel. Now let’s see the detailed process we get diesel from waste tires.

waste tires to diesel fuelThe process to get diesel fuel from waste tires

Step one: Disposing the waste tires by waste tire pyrolysis plant

waste tires to diesel fuelThe working  flowchart of waste tire pyrolysis plant

1.Putting waste tires into pyrolysis reactor, start heating, the waste tires will produce the oil gas gradually with the temperature rising.

2.Condensing the oil gas by cooling system, the oil gas will be condensed into oil and flow into oil tank ( normally in the 200~300 phase, temperature rised the fastest, and oil comes out the most), and the incondensable gas will be reused to heat the pyrolysis reactor.

3.Slagging the carbon black and steels in the pyrolysis reactor.

Step two: Refining the pyrolysis oil by waste oil refinery plant

waste tires to diesel fuelThe working flowchart of waste oil refinery plant

1.Pumping pyrolysis oil into distillation reactor, close the reactor door, start heating (indirect heating system makes the distillation fast and efficient and prolong the service life of reactor).

2. Condensing oil gas, when the temperature reach around 150 degrees, oil gas will come out, then go through the cooling system to liquid into distillation oil tank.

3. Deodoring the distillation oil. After this process, you can get good quality diesel fuel which can be used as alternative fuel in diesel burners, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery etc. (We also provide purification system which can help you get the diesel with light yellow color)

4. Slagging, after finishing refining the pyrolysis oil, you need to open the slagging door to discharge the distillation residues which can be used as asphalt.

Now, it's clear that you only need two plants to converting waste tires into diesel. One is the waste tire pyrolysis plant, the other one is waste oil refinery plant. Moreover, you also can get other profitable products such as carbon black, steels and asphalt. If you want to get diesel from waste tires, please contact with us thus you can get more information about this business.


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