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What is old engine oil used for?

Old engine oil is not only waste, it has the benefit of reuse. What is old engine oil used for?It can be refined into diesel by the waste oil distillation machine, this technology expands old engine oil uses. Because diesel is more versatile. such as it can be used in the diesel burner/generator/boiler. And after mix with standard diesel, it can be used in the car/truck/tractor, etc.

waste engine oil to dieselDiesel oil made from oil engine oil

You must want to know how to refine old engine oil. There are currently two different technologies for old engine oil refining. One is the use of chemicals to remove impurities and odor, and the other is the use of new catalysts to remove impurities and odor from the old engine oil.

The first technology is the traditional method of treating old engine oil. The price of the machine is relatively cheap, but in some countries it is necessary to apply for permission to buy chemicals, such as India and some European countries, which will set up difficulties for some customers. But don't worry, our company has designed and developed a new type of catalyst distillation machine that can refine old engine oil into diesel using only the catalyst. This method is safer and more efficient, and we will provide catalysts to customers who purchase our waste oil distillation machine.

waste oil distillation machineDOING new waste oil distillation machine

For our waste oil distillation machine, there are some following advantages:

1. The design of vertical distillation still can achieve the purpose of automatic slag discharge, and the slag discharge is fast and safe;

2. Using conduction oil heating system, which is not only save fuel, but also achieve rapid heating, saving distillation time;

5. Both the dust removal device and the cooling system use circulating water to prevent environmental pollution and no waste water discharge.

6. If the customer wants to further purify the diesel, he can choose the DOING purification system to get better color diesel and sell it at a better price.

If you have a large amount of old engine oil or you can collect old engine oil, please contact us to get the best proposal of old engine oil refining for you to get the maximum benefit.

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