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Is tire recycling business profitable?

Recent years, tire recycling business is more profitable than ever. Because there are more and more cars running on the road all over the world, so the quantity of the waste tires are more and more. In many countries, the waste tires are remain to be solved, because they don’t have the right solution, so it is easy for you to find the waste tires with a very cheap price, even you can get it free in some of the countries. In European counties, you can also get compensation for processing waste tires. So it will save you lots of money for the raw material.

tire recycling businessWaste tires easy to get

Our waste tire pyrolysis plant can produce pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire. All these output products has a good market and price. You can get 40%~45% pyrolysis oil from the waste tires, this pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel oil, you can sell it to the cement factory, glass factory, electricity factory, brick factory, etc. This pyrolysis oil has a high calorific value, so you can sell it about 500USD per ton.

tire pyrolysis plantThe application of pyrolysis oil

You can get 30% carbon black from the tires, and the carbon black also has a high calorific value, which is same with the regular coal, you can sell it with coal. Or you can also make it into briquette to furnace your own plants, it can save your cost for heating the reactor.

tyre recycling businessThe applicatioin of carbon black

You can also get 15% steel wire from the tires, this steel wire is a good raw material for making the new steel, you can sell it to the steel factory with about 200USD per ton.

waste tire pyrolysis plantSteel wire been pulled out from pyrolysis reactor

So you can calculate the profit per day, this business not only can give you big profit, but also make the environment better. DOING company is a professional company, who are concentrating on the manufacturing of the waste tire pyrolysis plant, you are welcome to visit us in China for making business with us.

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