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How much does it cost to recycle waste tires?

A large number of waste tires are produced every year worldwide, and the prices of recycling waste tires vary from country to country.

The tire recycling is relatively cheap in Africa and Southeast Asian countries. The main reason is that the waste tire recycling technology in these areas is backward, there is no enough recycling plants for waste tires, most of the waste tires have no reasonable treatment plan, and the waste tires are everywhere and visible.

waste tire pyrolysis plantLots of waste tires can be seen everywhere

In addition, developed countries such as Europe and the United States also export a large number of waste tires to these countries every year, so these countries currently have a large number of waste tires remained to be settled. With the increase of cars in these countries, there are also more and more waste tires from local.

Furthermore, the local road conditions are relatively poor, and the tire renewal period is very short. Therefore, a large number of tires are waiting for reasonable treatment every year. The waste tires in these countries are almost free. If you recycle waste tires, the main cost is transportation costs, and the average recycling price is between $20 and $30 per ton.

Compared with other countries, the recycling cost of waste tires in China is relatively higher, roughly around $100 per ton. There are several main reasons of that.

Firstly, China currently refuses to import any waste from other counties. The waste tires are mainly from the domestic market. Many waste tire recycling plants do not have enough tire resources. That’s why the waste tires are so expensive right now in China.

waste tire pyrolysis plantSome DOING waste tires pyrolysis plant projects in China

Secondly, China's industrial base is relatively completed, and waste tires recycling technology is relatively mature. There are many waste tires pyrolysis plants running in China now, and the competition is bigger and bigger, which is a main reason why the price of waste tire pyrolysis plant is relatively low in China.

DOING Company is committed to waste tire recycling equipment for more than 10 years. The waste tire pyrolysis plant produced by DOING company can solve the waste tires well and can get a big profit return.

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