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Good news! Henan DOING Company successfully signed the contract for the Romanian small pyrolysis and oil distillation machine project

On October 31, 2022, Henan DOING Company successfully signed a contract for a production line of small oil pyrolysis machine  with a Romanian customer.

Project Overview

Purchased equipment: 500kg pyrolysis machine  & 500kg pyrolysis oil distillation machine

Raw materials: waste tires, waste plastics, sludge; pyrolysis oil, waste motor oil

Product: Pyrolysis Oil & Diesel

pyrolysis plant and waste oil disesl plantSmall scale pyrolysis plant and waste oil disesl plant

Customer background

The client's boss runs a multinational company in Germany, mainly engaged in the business of plastic recycled pellets. His boss has businesses in Romania and Qingdao. The company plans to expand its business and cooperate with the government to do plastic refining projects. This time, the small unit needs to be Trial operation in Romania. If the test is passed, a large project will be launched later. Therefore, a relevant person in charge in Romania was dispatched to contact the business manager of our company.

Project Introduction

With the popularization of plastic products, the waste plastic pyrolysis plant can convert waste plastics into pyrolysised oil and diesel, which is an environmentally friendly way to recycle and reuse resources. If you want to invest in the waste plastic-to-fuel oil project, but you are worried that the investment is too large, a small waste plastic pyrolysis plant and a pyrolysis machine  production line are undoubtedly the best choices.

Waste plastic convert to diesel oil process machine includes two process. One is waste plastic pyrolysis process for processing waste plastic to crude fuel oil. The other one is oil distillation process for refining crude plastic pyrolysis oil to diesel fuel.

plastic to diesel plantBig scale waste plastics to diesel plant

Communication process:

The Romanian customer first consulted on small-scale oil pyrolysis machine , which was mainly used to test whether the refining process was feasible. The customer is most concerned about the price of the equipment. After many times of communication and negotiation, the customer is very satisfied with our equipment and attitude. We also hope to cooperate with the customer, and finally opened the quotation rights for the customer, and the contract was successful.

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