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waste oil to diesel plant

Waste Tyre Plastic to Diesel Plant Project Installed in Japan

In November 2023, Henan Doing Company assisted in installing an environmentally friendly waste-to-energy recycling plant in Japan. The project includes a 15tpd pyrolysis plant and a 10tpd pyrolysis oil refining plant, aimed at helping Japanese customers convert waste tires and plastic scraps into diesel fuel, generating substantial profits.

tyre plastic pyrolysis distillation plantWaste tyre plastic pyrolysis distillation plant project in Japan

The pyrolysis plant and pyrolysis oil refining plant ordered by the Japanese customer from DOING Company adopt the latest designs and high configurations, significantly enhancing the performance of the waste tyre plastic to fuel recycling machines.

For the waste tyre plastic pyrolysis plant, our engineering team recommended the following solutions:

1. Main pyrolysis reactor + professional multistage cooling system: efficiently pyrolyzes waste tires and plastic, increasing the cooling area of oil gas into liquid fuel.

2. Negative pressure vacuum device: a patented device by DOING, extracting oil gas fully to increase oil yield and prevent flash explosion accidents, improving safety.

waste tyre plastic pyrolysis plantNegative pressure vacuum device of DOING pyrolysis plant

3. Exhaust gas desulfurization tower: part of DOING's environmental protection system, ensuring exhaust gas emissions comply with various countries' standards, including strict EU standards.

To expand the application fields of pyrolysis oil, our engineering team recommended the pyrolysis oil refining plant. Our Japanese customer demanded high automation and efficiency, making our latest design, solid catalyst-type waste oil refining machine, their top choice.

pyrolysis oil to diesel plantPyrolysis oil to diesel refining plant choices

After confirming the contract for the 15tpd pyrolysis plant and 10tpd pyrolysis oil refining plant solution, DOING factory completed equipment production, testing, and rapid delivery within just 3 months.

Upon Japanese customer receiving the waste tyre plastic to diesel pyrolysis refining plant, DOING engineers provided comprehensive technical guidance for project construction and installation. Finally, in November 2023, the waste tyre plastic to diesel plant project officially commenced operations!

If you're considering converting solid waste into fuel oil for substantial profits, Henan Doing Company can provide one-stop service and supply waste pyrolysis refining plants at competitive factory prices!

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