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tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre pyrolysis process description

The waste tyre pyrolysis process utilizes the principle of thermal pyrolysis to crack the used tires. In the absence of oxygen or anoxic conditions and at a suitable temperature, the polymer in the main chain of the rubber having an unsaturated bond is broken into monomers, dimers and fragments, and these substances are repolymerized into a plurality of olefins, then solid carbon is formed. The products of waste tyre pyrolysis process are mainly tire oil, carbon black, steel wire and uncondensable gas.

tyre pyrolysis processThe products of waste tyre pyrolysis process

The waste tire cracking equation is as follows:

(-CH2-CH2-)n [C+H2+CH4+C2H6+C3Hg+C4Hio+CsH12+...+C1H24+...C20H42+..

(Note: CsH12~CH24 is a gasoline fraction, C12H26~C20H42 is a diesel fraction, and C20 is a heavy oil).

After understanding the principles of waste tyre pyrolysis process, let's take a look at the actual operation of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

tyre pyrolysis processWaste tyre pyrolysis process gif animation

1. Feeding

The collected waste tires are removed from the steel wire and cut into appropriate pieces and then pushed into the reactor of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

2. Pyrolysis

After the waste tires are fed, heat pyrolysis reactor by fuel oil, coal, wood, LPG, etc. when the temperature rises to 200℃, only use tail gas to heat and keep the temperature between 260~300℃ for two hours, until no oil come out.

3. Cooling

Meanwhile, turn on the circulating water pump to cool the oil and gas into fuel oil. After that, the exhaust gas is recycled to heat pyrolysis reactor directly, thereby saving fuel.

4. Discharge

After the completion of the waste tyre pyrolysis process, the residual carbon black in the reactor needs to be discharged. After that, a new waste tyre pyrolysis process can be carried out.

tire pyrolysis process3D drawing of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis process

The above is the introduction of the waste tyre pyrolysis process. The process seems to be very simple, but it should be operated by the professional engineer or under the guidance of professional engineer. For your safety, do not operate without training. If you purchased the waste tyre pyrolysis plant from Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd, free training will be provided for you. If you want to know more about waste tyre pyrolysis plant, welcome you come to DOING factory for a visit.

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