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How much does waste tyre pyrolysis plant cost?

There are many types of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, different waste tyre pyrolysis plant has different cost. And there are still many factors affect the cost even for the same design of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, it is better for you to understand it if I list some of the factors which affect the cost, please check it below.

tyre pyrolysis plant costThe factors affecting waste tyre pyrolysis plant cost

1. Capacity

At present, there are different capacities of waste tyre pyrolysis plant in the market, such as 10 tons per day, 12 tons per day, or 15 tons per day. The larger of the capacity, the larger of the reactor, and the higher demand for the steel usage and labor costs.

2. Material

Different steels have different costs. Some equipment manufacturers use ordinary carbon steel on the reactor, so the cost will be greatly reduced, but the life cycle of the reactor will be greatly reduced. Our equipment uses professional boiler plates, which cost a lot, but the service life can reach 6~7 years. Stainless steel can also be used as a raw material according to customer requirements, so the cost of the equipment will be higher.

3. Design of the reactor

There are 2 kinds of different design of reactor in the market. First one is the reactor with standard pressure vessel with round head, which has good tolerance to pressure and needs professional manufacturer to manufacture, and the cost will be relatively higher. The other one is the flat head reactor, which is easier for loading, but its pressure tolerance is not as good as the round head reactor .

waste tyre pyrolysis plantOur reactor with standard pressure vessel and round-shape design

4. Design of the condensing equipment

The pool-type condensing equipment is simple in design, uses less steel, and has a simple manufacturing process, so the cost is lower. The other is closed tube condenser, which is usually called professional heat exchanger, the whole condensation process is fully enclosed, which can effectively improve the condensation efficiency and prevent erosion, and the cost is relatively higher.

tyre pyrolysis plantMultiple tube condenser for high cooling effection

In summary, different manufacturers has different designs for waste tyre pyrolysis plant, and the cost of the equipment is also different. Henan DOING Company is a manufacturer engaged in waste tyre pyrolysis plant. Our waste tyre pyrolysis plant adopts the design of professional pressure round head and has good pressure bearing. In addition, we also use professional tube condensing to ensure 40%~45% oil yield and easy maintenance. And our factory accepts customization and can manufacture equipment according to different requirements. Our equipment has been exported to more than 50 countries around the world. We have more than ten years of manufacturing experience.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantSome of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant project in different countries

And what we discussed above are only part of all the factor which can affect the cost, if you want to get more idea about these factors, feel free to contact with us, we would like to help you know more about this project.

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